GA Orientation Resources

Did you miss GA Orientation, or want more information about the topics discussed? Find important details and links regarding your GA position below.

International Graduate Students

To keep their immigration status, international students can only work a total of 20 hours a week during the fall and spring semesters. Before seeking any additional employment, see International Student Services. Visit their website here.

Accepting your GA

You must confirm your GA award in your BOSS account to receive your tuition funds. See specific instructions here.

Finances and Your GA

Read the full details for GA compensation in the Graduate Assistantships policy here.

  • A full-time GA provides 100% of  tuition and a monthly stipend (amount varies depending on source).
  • A part-time GA provides 50% of tuition and a monthly stipend (amount varies depending on source).
  • The GA tuition stipend does NOT cover university fees, books, or undergraduate or audited courses. You must arrange payment for these with Financial Aid before their deadlines. Find Financial Aid details here.
  • Doctoral full-time GA students are eligible for health insurance for themselves only.

Important Tips for keeping your GA

  • Enroll in the required hours:
  • Full-time GA (20 hours a week) must be enrolled in 9 or more hours.
  • Part-time GA (10 hours a week) must be enrolled in 6 or more hours.
  • Maintain at least a 3.00 GPA.
  • Comply with all work rules and standards defined by your assistantship employer and with all applicable university rules and policies.
  • Come to work and work ONLY your assigned number of hours!
  • Follow all specific requirements set by your department.

If you Lose Your GA

  • You may be required to reimburse the funding source for the share of your tuition that has already been paid, and you are typically responsible for FICA tax payments to the federal government.
  • When an assistantship is lost due to failure to maintain academic standards, it is possible to be reemployed as a graduate assistant in a subsequent semester after you regain good academic standing.
  • For all other reasons, you may be ineligible for future employment as a graduate assistant.

See Student Handbook for more details.

Length of GA Terms

Master’s students can be in GA positions for up to two years. Doctoral students can be in GA positions for up to five years.

NOTE: If you complete your UALR master’s degree and immediately begin a doctoral program at UALR, your GA time will roll over and you may continue in the program.