GSA Voices

At GSA meetings, we have many graduate students participating in different capacities! Some students who feel passionately about the GSA become Executive Team members. Other students vote on various motions as Senators. Many students attend meetings just to listen and provide feedback without taking on formal roles! We love all our GSA voices!

Meet Seth

Seth Cook

Seth Cook is a MS Biology student, and is currently studying cyanobacteria with Raspberry Pi. He has participated in student government for many years at UA Little Rock. Reach out to him if you would like to work together.

Meet Christine

Christine Jones

Christine Jones is a writer, editor, and student in the UA Little Rock Professional Technical Writing MA Program. She also works as a Graduate Assistant for The College of Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences, and Education at UA Little Rock, as the Communications Assistant. Christine also serves as the Chairwoman of the UA Little Rock Racial Barriers Committee, Vice President of the Graduate Student Association, Senator at Large on the Student Government Association, as well as a member of the Academic Integrity Grievance Committee on campus. Christine currently lives in Cabot, Arkansas with her husband Mike, two cats, three children, and four dogs.

Meet Peter

Peter Akerele
Peter Akerele is a graduate student of Applied Physics. He is committed to leadership, service and community development. He is highly devoted to continuous learning with interest in advancing a dynamic environment for the student community.

He upholds a high standard of integrity, which he has demonstrated in previous professional and leadership roles where he acquired necessary technical knowledge and sharpened his leadership skills and other interpersonal skills.

Working with people from diverse backgrounds has provided him with a deep understanding and awareness of cultural differences—both in individuals and organizations.

In his spare time, he enjoys playing the piano or outdoor sports.