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Graduate Student Association

Graduate Student Council

The Graduate Student Council (GSC), the leadership body of the GSA, is composed of representatives from each graduate program, who act as liaisons between their departments and the council as a whole. This format promotes dialogue between the programs and encourages productive academic and social relationships among students. In addition, the council consults with various campus committees and administrative groups on behalf of the graduate student body and helps the GSA with a variety of programs throughout the year, such as workshops, recruitment, and the Student Research and Creative Works Expo.

Through monthly meetings, open discussion, and committee work, the GSC sets its policies and works towards its goals. Members of the GSC exercise their full rights as representatives by attending and participating in these monthly meetings.

As part of its representation of the GSA before the Graduate School and the university, the GSC elects student representatives to attend the Graduate Council (GC) and to serve on its two subcommittees, the personnel subcommittee and the curriculum subcommittee. The GSC members that attend the GC will provide feedback to the GSC from the meetings about issues relevant to their student body.

Updated 6.2.2014