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Classified Employee Handbook

VI. Gross Negligence

A. Neglect of any University policies, rules, or procedures pertaining to facilities, property, equipment, fund maintenance, or to the general safety of other individuals

Established policies and procedures must be followed to minimize equipment loss and to protect personnel.

Area covered Example of neglect
1. Protection of facilities, property and equipment Leaving a facility unlocked after hours
2. Proper handling of cash and budgetary items Leaving a cash box vulnerable to theft
3. Following safety rules for the protection of personnel and clients Leaving fire exits locked or blocked by materials
B. Endangering the safety or welfare of other individuals due to neglect of standard operating procedures in job functions

Employees who endanger the safety of others are terminated.

This occurs when an employee knows the proper procedure but neglects to follow it.


Last revision 11/1995

Updated 10.26.2011