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Classified Employee Handbook

III. Personal Conduct - Individual

A. Reporting for duty while under the influence of alcohol

If an employee is suspected of drinking, the supervisor must follow proper procedure in dealing with the employee:

The supervisor:

      1. Confronts the employee with available information. This might include the inability to perform job duties or being seen while drinking.

      NOTE: If the employee does not admit to being under the influence of alcohol, there must be a witness who saw the employee drinking alcoholic beverages or observes obvious strong indications of inebriation.
      2. Follows the Guidelines for University Disciplinary Practices to determine applicable length of suspension (without pay).
      3. Schedule the suspension to cause minimum disruption in work unit, but as soon as possible.

      NOTE: If the full length of suspension cannot be scheduled, due to work loads, etc., at the time the offense is proven, the employee is suspended for the remainder of the day.
B. Sleeping on the job

If an employee sleeps on the job, the supervisor counsels him/her on the severity of the offense and takes action as indicated in Guidelines for University Disciplinary Practices.


Last revision 11/1995

Updated 10.26.2011