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Classified Employee Handbook

Court and Jury Leave

Any employee who serves as a witness, juror or party litigant shall be entitled to regular University compensation in addition to any fees paid by the court for such services or necessary appearances in any court and such absences from work for such purposes shall not be counted as annual leave.

An employee who is summoned to serve on jury duty shall not be subject to discharge from employment, loss of sick leave or vacation time, or any other form of penalty as a result of his/her absence from employment due to such jury duty, upon giving reasonable notice to his/her employer of such summons.

Employees who are accepted by the court as expert witnesses and paid a fee in excess of the normal witness fee shall be required to take annual leave for the time required for such testimony. (Board Policy 420.2, 6/9/95)


Last revision 11/1995

Updated 10.26.2011