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Classified Employee Handbook


You are given time off to observe the following holidays:
New Year’s Day January 1

New Year’s Day January 1
Martin Luther King’s Birthday
Robert E. Lee’s Birthday
George Washington’s Birthday Friday of Spring Break in lieu of Washington’s Birthday
Memorial Day Last Monday in May
Independence Day July 4
Labor Day First Monday in September
Veterans Day Day after Thanksgiving in lieu of Veterans Day

Thanksgiving Day Fourth Thursday in November
Christmas Eve December 24
Christmas December 25
Employee’s Birthday
* You are given two additional days off during Christmas vacation: one is to observe Martin Luther King’s and/or Robert E. Lee’s Birthday and the other is to observe your birthday. Both of these days are given during this time in lieu of the actual birthday of Martin Luther King and Robert E. Lee, and your birthday.

In addition, if the Governor proclaims any other holiday for state employees, the University will grant that day or another day off.

Holidays which occur on a Saturday (except December 25) will be observed the preceding Friday. When December 25 occurs on Saturday, the following Monday is observed.

Holidays which occur on a Sunday (except December 24) are observed the following Monday. When December 24 occurs on a Sunday, the preceding Friday is observed.

If you are assigned an unusual work schedule which requires you to work on regularly scheduled holidays, you will be granted time off on another day following the holiday. Your choice for taking this day off is to be made as soon as possible after the holiday. Also, the choice is subject to your supervisor’s approval. Working on a holiday is not considered overtime unless working that day results in a work week of more than 40 hours.

If you are a one-half time or greater employee, your holiday pay will be proportionate to the time worked.

In order to receive holiday pay, you must be in paid status (not on leave without pay) the workday before the holiday and the workday after the holiday.

Specific annual dates of the holidays observed by the University are published and distributed to each department by Human Resource Services after July 1 of each year.


Last revision 11/1995

Updated 10.26.2011