Health Services
Division of Student Development

Meeting Institutional Challenges

Student success was supported by comprehensive, primary healthcare emphasizing health promotion and disease prevention.

  • 6,200+clinic visits
  • 1,100 first time visits
  • Student Visits- 82%
  • Employee Visits 14%
  • Visitors- 4%
  • Episodic care visits up 184%
  • Women’s Health visits up 59%
  • 3000+ labs were submitted for a wide variety of reasons

In conjunction with Onlife, the UA Systems’ wellness campaign, biometric screenings were conducted on the main campus, at the Bowen School of Law and the MidSOUTH state headquarters. 429 participants out of a possible 1,088 took part in the screening

Health Services is now the initial point of workers’ compensation cases at UALR. Employees who are injured on campus are evaluated and treated on site making the process more expedient and convenient.

Dr. Naveen Patil, the TB Control Officer at the Arkansas Department of Health, spoke to a group of international students regarding a new tuberculosis treatment available to any students regarding a new tuberculosis treatment available to any student who receives a positive result on their TB screening. This new treatment for latent TB infection reduces the risk of developing active TB by 90%. Through a partnership with the Arkansas Department of Health, this $600+ medication is now being offered free in collaboration with Health Services. Eight (8) international students thus far have taken advantage of the program and have finished the 12 week regimen.

Health Services and UAMS have joined forces to develop a “Safe Zone” training program which will be brought to UALR campus in 2014. The training is designed to develop, enhance and maintain environments that are culturally competent and supportive of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) individuals.

Challenges and Opportunities

Health Services partnered with UALR school of Nursing to offer flu vaccines to students and employees. Vaccines also were administered off campus at the Bowen School of Law at the MidSOUTH state headquarters. 2,130 vaccines were given (18% increase over last year)

Health Services hosted an event to inform members of the UALR community about Affordable Healthcare available through the Health Insurance Marketplace. Insurance agents and representatives from the state-approved exchanges were on hand to answer questions and assist with the enrollment process. Because of this event, UALR student, Shanice Hood, was asked to make a speech about the benefits of the private option with Affordable Care at a rally on the steps of the Arkansas State Capital. Ms. Hood was the first individual in Arkansas and 3rd in the Nation to finish the Affordable Healthcare enrollment process.

Based on the increased number of students presenting to Health Services with concerns regarding sexually transmitted infections, Health Services and HPPE staff increased education and programming efforts focusing on sexual responsibility and safe sex practices. Health Services provides free condoms (latex and latex free) to the UALR campus.

Enhancing the Quality of Campus Life

The staff of Health Promotion, Programs and Education (HPPE) continue to provide prevention information, education, and outreach programs on a wide range of health-related and wellness topics, such as alcohol and other drugs, stress management, HIV and STI prevention, and smoking cessation.

Smoking Cessation:

  • 59 Listserv members
  • 69 on-line participants
  • 68 individual consultations

Weight & Wellness:

  • 52 Listserv members
  • 88 individual consultation

HPPE staff updated and redesigned the Trojan Trail markings. 84 foot prints, a start and finish line, and directional arrows were added to better aid walkers in calculating their distances and to make the trail more colorful and inviting.

The annual Sexual Responsibility Carnival was held in the Commons Great Room. Nine interactive, educational games were played to test and enhance student’s knowledge of sexual health, including the proper use of condoms and risks of sexually transmitted infections. Games and materials on alcohol and drugs prevention also were included in the event. 78 students attended

Sharhonda Kelly, a UALR Peer Educator, brought to life an idea she learned about at the 2013 BACCHUS annual conference. “The Condom Cart” made several appearances across campus handing out condoms. Participants also were asked questions relating to sexual health and were educated if they answered incorrectly. Over 500 male and female condoms were distributed.

HPPE staff collaborated with the Office of Housing to host the 4th annual NOPE (Narcotics Overdose Prevention and Education candlelight vigil in Trojan Alley. This event is held to remember those lost to drug and alcohol-related incidents and to raise campus awareness of this important issue. 70 individuals attended

Trojan Fest (Wild West Rodeo) was held on April 25, 2014. Once again, HPPE and Health Services collaborated with other UALR departments to offer a social, interactive and educational event that promotes fun without the use of alcohol and other drugs. 398 individuals participated.

Health Services hosted three ACDEC (Arkansas Collegiate Drug Education Committee) meetings on the UALR campus to discuss alcohol, tobacco, and other drug abuse prevention and intervention programming. Vanessa Lewis submitted a grant proposal to ACDEC for $1,450 to assist with Trojan Fest. The funding was approved and was used to purchase t-shirts for the event. Approximately 30 individuals from 23 Arkansas Colleges and Universities attended

Health Services staff participated in the first annual UALR Bowen School of Law Stress-less Fest and manned a stress-relief table at the Fine Arts building for students on the main campus. Stress relieving lotion packets and brochures on how to manage stress were offered.  Approximately 50 individuals visited the table at each event.

HPPE staff and the UALR Peer Educators teamed with Leanna Payton of Housing to create a video about the importance of organ donation. The video was submitted to a competition sponsored by ARORA (Arkansas Regional Organ Recovery Agency) and won first place for best promotion and creative approach.

 Noteworthy Unit Activities

Health Services received approval in spring 2014 to begin third party billing for services provided to employees. All APRNs were credentialed as providers within the United Healthcare system and a vendor (Complete Provider Resource) was retained to process claims. The first claims were processed in May 2014

Health Services’ staff participated in the annual UALR Campus Campaign. 100% participation

During the 2013 UALR Campus Campaign fundraising event, the staff of Health Services created “The Bobbi Pitts and Sandra Meeks Student Health Fund.” This foundation fund will be used to assist students who are unable to pay for prescription medication(s).  The announcement of this fund was made in December 2013 at the division holiday celebration where Mrs. Pitts and Mrs. Meeks were surprised with the tribute to their combined 50+ years’ of service to UALR.

Three Health Services’ staff and one Housing member attended the annual American College Health Association (ACHA) meeting in San Antonio, TX where they gained insight on how to better serve the growing health and wellness needs of the UALR community. Including a member from the housing staff further solidified the collaboration between these two offices in offering pertinent programs and events in the residence halls. Breakout sessions on issues affecting today’s students were attended by all

Student Health 101, the web-based magazine that delivers a variety of health and wellness information to the campus, was sent monthly to all students and employees.  5,683 visits with 3,786 being unique visitors.

Trends and Implications

Health Services staff continue to work with the UA Systems office in promoting the Onlife Health wellness program. Another enrollment period is scheduled for fall 2014. Biometric screenings will be offered again by Health Services.

Expanded involvement of Health Services staff across programmatic lines has led to improved coordination and communication in addressing student needs. Some of the groups staff are involved with include the following: Diversity Council, University Behavioral Intervention Team, Athletics (sport physicals), Office of Counseling Services, Office of Housing, and the Environmental Health and Safety committee.

As mental and physical health are understood as being inseparable, the offices of Health Services and Counseling Services continue to collaborate by ensuring that appropriate care and resources are offered to UALR students. Health Services continues to screen for depression using the PHQ-2 and PHQ-9 methods and refers to Counseling Services as needed. The Health Services’ budget also funds the Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner position located in Counseling Services. Through collaborative efforts involving academic areas, other departments within Student Affairs, and administrative colleagues, Health Services continues to foster healthy environments and behaviors.

Health Services provided funding for 2 professional staff in Counseling Services to attend a mindfulness-based workshop. Counselors can now work with students (in groups or individually) teaching and guiding them by using exercises and activities designed to increase internal awareness and heighten the sense of being present in the moment.

The decrease in enrollment, and therefore a decrease in the Health Services’ budget has implications for the fiscal health of Health Services. The increasing number of clients requiring lab services, plus the increasing costs of those labs, has necessitated further investigation of additional revenue sources such as third party reimbursements for employee health and Workers’ Compe