The Benefits from Massage Chairs are Real!

Did you know the Campus Wellness Center (located in DSC 201J) has 2 massage chairs available for both students and employees?

Photo of student sitting in massage chairBenefits of the massage chair include:

  1. Reducing stress, tension, and anxiety. Research shows that massage therapy reduces stress significantly on both physical and psychological levels.
  2. Relaxing and loosening sore muscles. The human body is a very smart machine. When you overexert your body beyond what is healthy for you, muscles stiffen and become sore. The massage chair will help loosen sore and fatigued muscles, and release tension in your body, especially if you choose the Shiatsu mode.
  3. Helping to keep depression at bay. Depression is becoming all too common these days. The good news is that keeping depression at bay is also among the benefits of a massage chair. Massage therapy has long been used to increase “happy hormones” such as serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins.
  4. Improving Sleep Quality. Studies have (unsurprisingly) shown that massage therapy reduces fatigue and improves sleep across the board.

Schedule your appointment in the Campus Wellness massage chair by clicking this link :


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