Welcome Students!

One of the perks of college life at UA Little Rock is having on-campus access to a medical clinic staffed by professionals who can help with your overall health and wellness. Whether you are sick, need vaccines, want to talk about birth control, or need a general physical, we are here for you. Call us at 501-569-3188 to schedule an appointment.

Also, please take a moment to register through our patient portal and complete your medical history forms on-line. This will greatly decrease the time it takes you to check-in on the day of your appointment. Once you are registered, you can receive lab results and messages from your provider via a secure/encrypted messaging system.

To register:

  1. click on the following link: https://ualr.medicatconnect.com/
  2. click “Register” (in the top right corner) and complete the required information

Once you have registered:

  1. sign into the portal using the same link, username, and password that you originally chose
  2. click “Login,” and you’re there!

For any issues with the patient portal, call 569-3188 and ask for David Marsh. If he is not available at the time you call, David will gladly return your call at his earliest convenience.

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