Annual Report 2016-17

The mission statement of the UA Little Rock Office of Health Services is to improve the health and wellness of the university community by providing inclusive, evidenced-based, quality health care and wellness promotion.

Health Services keeps the following core values at the center of all initiatives, processes and services offered:

  • Confidentiality
  • Accessibility
  • Respect
  • Excellence

We strive to partner with the university community to remove barriers and connect individuals with the resources needed to achieve personal wellness and academic success.

Promotes student development through intentional services, programming and structures

Health Services offers a comprehensive medical center where students can access a wide array of services to address their health care needs. These services include immunizations, allergy shots, assessment and treatment of illnesses, family planning, and screening and treatment for many other health concerns affecting college-aged populations. Having these services available on-site eliminates the need for students to take time out of class to seek medical care and assists them in getting back on their feet in a timely manner.

Health Services collaborated with the Department of Nursing to provide flu vaccines to students and employees. Nursing faculty and Health Services clinicians supervised the event which offered a unique hands-on learning opportunity for the nursing students. Vaccine clinics also were held at the Jack Stephens Center for the Trojan Athletes and at the Bowen School of Law. Over 1,800 vaccines were administered.

Trojan Talk, a registered student organization comprised of UA Little Rock Student Peer Leaders, their advisor, and the student wellness coordinator, developed and presented programs for students living in the residence halls. The programs offered healthier alternatives to high-risk behaviors and included topics such as sexual responsibility, HIV/AIDS awareness, alcohol and other drug risks, and sexual violence & prevention.

The director spoke to students at the international student orientations about the U.S. healthcare system and medical services provided on campus. She also participated regularly in the Study Abroad orientations where she informed students about the importance of scheduling individualized travel consultations and how to stay healthy while traveling.

Staff worked with Dr. Avinash Thrombre, Associate Professor of Applied Communications, to offer free HIV screening on World AIDS Day. 75 individuals were screened.

Weight loss programs, scheduled walks, individual consultations on nutrition, exercise, smoking cessation and overall fitness were offered to both students and employees throughout the year.

The psychiatric APRN serves as an important referral source for students struggling with depression or anxiety. She performs on-site initial evaluations and consultations regarding the best treatment plan to address these concerns.

The new APRN participated in the Metro BCM Conversation Club. The Conversation Club provides an opportunity for international students to interact and talk with English-speaking students, faculty and/or staff.  International students can practice conversational English, learn the meaning and use of commonly used American idioms, and build meaningful cross-cultural friendships.

The student wellness coordinator presented a session on health and wellness to the EIT scholars. 30 students attended.

Encourages a healthy university community

Arkansas Act 943 directs colleges and universities to develop and implement action plans to help students prevent unplanned pregnancy or delay plans for pregnancy. In compliance with this Act, Health Services partnered with the Office of Student Affairs to implement an on-line training for incoming freshmen to educate them on the negative outcomes of unplanned pregnancy. In addition,

  • 4 x 6 cards (see below) were distributed before move in day and were placed on all desks in all rooms of the residence halls,
  • the director presented at Trojan Wars on the subject of pregnancy prevention,
  • the student wellness coordinator spoke at all PEAW 1300 classes about pregnancy prevention and sexual health.

4x6 card which reads "You plan for college, You plan to graduate, Why not plan for parenting?" Call Health Services to schedule an appointment and find the right birth control method for you. 501-569-3188. Plan to postpone parenting. There is a yellow silhouette of a pregnant woman on the right hand side of the card along with the UALR Health Services logo.

Every student presenting to Health Services for STI screening was assessed regarding their particular risk factors and provided individualized patient education on safe sex practices in the prevention of STIs. In addition, if an STI was identified, the student was treated and given additional patient education on avoiding such risks in the future.

Student Health 101, the on-line magazine that provides important health-related information designed specifically for college students, is sent to every student each month via email. During this fiscal year, 2,655 visits were made to the magazine and 21,655 pages were viewed.

For the fifth year, Health Services partnered with the UA System office to conduct the annual Employee Wellness Program/Biometric Screening, which included total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides, glucose, BMI, and blood pressure. Employees who completed the screening, on-line health assessment, nicotine pledge, and personal health pledge received a reduction in their 2017 health plan out-of-pocket expenses. Approximately 530 employees participated.

photo of person dressed in heart costume at the biometric screening in 2016

Health Services staff assisted the Athletic Department with blood pressure screenings and sports physicals for the UA Little Rock Trojan sports teams.

As mandated by Arkansas state law, any student born in a country where tuberculosis is endemic, who is not a permanent resident, and who receives instruction in a room in which other students are present, must be screened for tuberculosis before entering any higher education institution in Arkansas. Health Services collaborated with the office of International Student Services and the Intensive English Language Program (IELP) to provide TB screenings for all new foreign-born students entering UA Little Rock.  146 students from 24 countries were screened for tuberculosis. 6 students had a positive result for latent TB. There were no cases of active TB.

The Arkansas Department of Health continued to provide FREE tuberculosis medications for students whose tuberculosis screening showed that they had been exposed to tuberculosis in their home country (no active disease).  7 students completed the 12-week regimen valued at $600+ per student.

The employee wellness coordinator offered lunch-and-learn sessions on nutrition and stress. In addition, he collaborated with the Arkansas Heart Hospital to offer programs on Hypertension and Heart Disease, Women and Heart Disease, and Healthy Cooking. The hospital provided lunch for all sessions (an in-kind donation of $700+). An average of 20 employees attended each session.

Three fitness challenges were created through the Employee Wellness office:

SummerTime challenge: 138 participated
Walk the 200 fitness/walking challenge: 163 enrolled
Put some Steps into your Spring challenge: 170 participated

Provides an environment in which students can pursue their educational goals

Health Services began offering the birth control implant, Nexplanon. The implant is over 99% effective and provides up to 3 years of continuous birth control. Fifteen female students have received the implant thus far.

Jo Lankireddy, graduate assistant for Employee Wellness/Health Services designed a Digital Hospital and Medical Application that allowed users to input medical problems, find a diagnosis, and get medical advice. The app also allowed users to locate the nearest and best medical facilities, find first aid tips and obtain exercise and nutrition advice. She stated that her work in Health Services inspired her to create the app for her master's degree project. The app received 2nd place at the Engineering and Information Technology Open House in May.

Jo Lankireddy, Graduate Assistant, with Karl Lenser, Employee Wellness Coordinator


David Marsh, APRN, joined Health Services in May 2017. Mr. Marsh has participated in a wide range of patient-care-related activities. In addition, he is helping with many of the quality initiatives Health Services is planning for the coming year.

In compliance with HIPAA Security Regulations, the electronic medical records system was moved from non-compliant servers located on the UA Little Rock campus to secure off-site servers through Medicat, LLC. The electronic medical records now are stored in North Carolina with a backup in Chicago. All data is encrypted while in transit and at rest.

Health Services added a bi-directional lab interface between Quest Diagnostics and Medicat. This software streamlines the lab ordering process by simplifying test orders and send-outs, providing quicker test turnaround time, and increasing accuracy by eliminating manual entries of results.

The employee wellness coordinator attended the 42nd National Wellness Institute conference in St. Paul, Minnesota and obtained certification as a Worksite Wellness Specialist.

Health Services staff, along with a group of student Peer Leaders, participated in Discover UALR. The Peer Leaders offered interactive games such as Blow Our Smoke, Take a Selfie, and Drive the Remote Control Car while wearing Drunken Goggles. Information cards about both programs were distributed as well as free promotional items marketing the university.

photo of UA Little Rock students at the health promotion table during Discover UALR

The psychiatric nurse practitioner had a booth at Forest Heights STEM Academy's career fair in Little Rock on May 18. Aresh Assadi, Counselor in the Office of Counseling Services, assisted with highlighting counseling and nursing professions as well as marketing UA Little Rock to 6th - 8th grade students.

Photo of Tara Kittrell, psychiatric APRN, manning table at Forest Heights STEM career fair.

Staff members attended the annual division-wide retreat where the topic of discussion was creating and implementing a strategic plan. Health Services has a solid strategic plan in place with goals and objectives assigned for completion over the coming year.

The director attended the American College Health Association annual conference in Austin, Texas. The conference featured more than 150 educational sessions on cutting edge research, guidelines, programs, and best practices in college health and wellness from across the county.

Student Health 101

Student Health 101, the on-line magazine that provides important health-related information designed specifically for college students, is sent to every student each month via campus email. Students have the opportunity to share what they've learned from each the issue. This year:

  • 66.70% stated they have learned something they would apply to their daily lives.
  • 51.50% intended to make a measurable change (get involved, take advantage of campus resources, ask for help, or help a friend).

Pie chart showing assessment results from Student Health 101. The pie shows the topics students read about and the percentage of comments for each topic: Stress 9%, Exercise 20%, Nutrition 17%, Suicide Prevention 4%, General Health 25%, Sleep 6%, Birth Control 4%, Sexual Health 2%, Substance Abuse 8% and Relationship Health 5%.

Some examples of the 225 comments received:

  • I always read things in the magazine about the campus resources and about things going on that I need to be more involved with.
  • I always forward this to my friends and family for a fun, quick read that is beneficial to them.
  • Tension is all around. I deal with tension on an everyday basis. This issue gave me pointers and tips on how to tame the tension in my everyday life.
  • I will most likely end up asking some of my friends to start getting together to work out. I know it would help me to have other people going!
  • Being a full-time student, working full-time and being a single parent, it’s hard to make good food choices. This article showed me a few things that could help me.
  • I was really able to change my views about weight after reading the weight/wellness article. I have always struggled with my weight and have always been more focused on the actual number than anything. I have made subtle changes to my diet and started walking; as a result I have lost.
  • The suicide information was great. My friend and I are keeping better track on each other since reading it.
  • It made me realize that I need more self-care in my life and the benefits of self-care for your health!
  • My friend has wanted to get on birth control. I will show her the article to help her figure out what would be the best method for her.
  • When my friends throw a party, I will be sure to tell them to 'set the tone' with their invitation to prevent it from getting out of hand.

PHQ-2/PHQ-9 Screening for Depression

The PHQ-2 questionnaire inquires about frequency of depressed mood and inability to feel pleasure over the past two weeks. Those who tested positive were further evaluated with the PHQ-9 to determine depression severity and need for referral to the Office of Counseling Services. 5,108 patients were screened.

Pie chart showing of 5108 patients screened for depression, 5% were positive and 95% negative.


Patient Satisfaction Survey

The patient satisfaction survey link was emailed monthly to patients who had visited the clinic during the previous month. Feedback was used to review processes and make adjustments as needed. One area of concern was the time it took to check-in. Steps were taken to address this issue.

Of those completing the survey:

  • 64% were students / 36% were employees.
  • 74% were female / 25% were male / 1% was transgender
  • 49% were Caucasian / 31% were African American / 9% were Asian / 7% were Hispanic /
    4% were OtherPie chart showing patient responses to the following question found on the Health Services patient satisfaction survey: "How satisfied were you with your experience in Health Services?" 77% responded they were very satisfied, 17% reported being satisfied, 4% stated they were slightly satisfied, and 2% were not satisfied.


  • I feel really good when I leave Health Services. I get better customer service than I do at my PCP.
  • My visit with Health Services was probably the best experience I have ever had with the healthcare system. I felt like my concerns were heard.
  • I always receive excellent care when I visit Health Services, and I am so thankful to have this incredible resource on campus!
  • Great to work at a place that offers the services you provide. The staff is always courteous, warm and welcoming.
  • Health Services has an exceptional team. I greatly appreciate the interactions and the availability of services.
  • Excellent public relations and speedy service.
  • The staff is really cool - even the front desk staff.
  • I am completely satisfied with the support that we internationals get with Health Services.
  1. Improve the appointment system and check-in process.
  2. Empower students to lower their risk of contracting STIs/HIV.
  3. Increase the number of students receiving the Gardasil vaccine.
  4. Empower students to lower their risk of unplanned pregnancies.

Total Clinic Visits:  6,820

Women's health visits in 2016-17 (N=834) compared with 2015-16 (N=637) reflects a 31% increase.

Mental health visits with the psychiatric APRN (housed in Counseling Services) in 2016-17 (N=917) compared with 2015-16 (N=750) reflects a 22% increase.


Pie chart showing reasons for patient visits during FY 16-17. TB Medication Observation 84; Health Promotion 801; Women's Health 834; Screenings 6637; Mental Health 917; Injections 2156; Injuries; 154; Episodic care 2675.

Revenue from third-party billing continued to support expanding healthcare needs of the campus community.  Revenue up 2%.

Inspired by her work in Health Services, graduate assistant, Jo Lankireddy, created a Digital Hospital and Medical app which received 2nd place at the EIT Open House in May, 2017.

Nexplanon, a long acting reversible birth control method, became accessible through Health Services. Fifteen female students chose the implant as their preferred method.

146 students from 24 countries were screened for tuberculosis.  No active cases.

The Arkansas Department of Health donated over $4,200 in TB medications for international students who tested positive on their screening.

The psychiatric APRN highlighted nursing professions and marketed UA Little Rock to Forest Heights STEM students at their career fair in May.

Collaboration with the UA Little Rock Department of Nursing allowed approximately 1000 students and employees to get their flu vaccine on October 19.

The annual Employee Health Fair/Biometric Screening attracted over 500 employees.

HIPAA Regulations remained a priority. The electronic medical records system was moved from servers located on the campus to HIPAA-compliant off-site hosting through Medicat, LLC.

The employee wellness coordinator obtained certification as a Worksite Wellness Specialist.