Special Programs

Health Human Performance Health & Fitness Courses
The Health Human Performance health & fitness courses enable students to develop a satisfactory level of skill in health and fitness. Emphasis is placed on developing an individuals’ lifetime activity program to improve health related fitness components. The following courses are offered: HHPS 1101, HHPS 1102, HHPS 1126, HHPS 1124, HHPS 1126, & HHPS 1128. These courses are offered in face to face format, Web based main campus online and 9U off campus online.

Health Human Performance K-12 Coaching Endorsement Program
Students wishing to coach K-12 athletics in the State of Arkansas must obtain a Coaching Endorsement. This can be obtained by completing our Health Human Performance program of study.

  • The Health Human Performance BS K-12 Health & Physical Education Coaching Endorsement is embedded in their program.
  • After obtaining a valid teaching license in any other content, those individuals can complete our-12 coaching endorsement program and pass the Praxis test 0095\Physical Education Content Knowledge with a minimum score of 169
  • Go to the left sidebar and click on Ask an Adviser and fill out the questionnaire to receive more information on being admitted to this program