Part-time Instructors

Dr. Charles Bolton –

Ms. Danielle Butler –

Ms. Carol Gale –

Ms. Jama Grove –

Dr. Bruce Hall –

Mr. Drew Hodges –

Dr. Simon Hosken –

Ms. Joanna Hladun-Newkirk –

Ms. Michele Johnson –

Mr. Matthew McNair –

Dr. Anthony Newkirk –  

Dr. Roger Pauly –

Dr. Matthew Quest –

Mr. Brian Robertson –

Dr. Kimberly Rush –

Mr. Kurt Senn –

Dr. David Stricklin –

Dr. Shana Worthen –


The History Department at UA Little Rock welcomes inquiries from qualified individuals who wish to join our current pool of part-time instructors. At present, the minimum qualification requirements are an MA in History to teach lower level classes and a PhD in History to teach upper level classes. The Department employs part-time instructors from the pool as teaching needs arise.