Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Bachelor of Arts degree in history, graduates will:

1. Demonstrate a significant degree of knowledge about both American and World history through completion of a broad selection of courses in history.

2. Ask appropriate historical questions that demonstrate an understanding of the discipline of history and distinguish it from those of other disciplines.

3. Distinguish between primary sources and secondary sources used in the writing of history and know how to use and analyze each appropriately. Students will thus be able to: a) Analyze a primary source as a product of a particular historical context; and b) Respond critically to a secondary source, taking into account the primary sources used by the historian, the historian’s methodology, the logic of the argument, and other major interpretations in the field.

4. Present historical analysis and arguments in a clear written and oral form, including the ability to construct an argument by marshaling evidence in an appropriate and logical fashion.

5. Write a research paper that asks a significant historical question, answers it with a clear thesis and a logical argument, supports it with both primary and secondary sources, documents it appropriately, and is written in clear and artful prose with the grammar and spelling associated with formal composition.