Major IT Successes

The Office of Student Housing also had many successes with technology in the 2014-2015 year.

They include:

  • Completed Adirondack Server hardware upgrades
  • Fully transitioned all University Village workstations over to the university network
  • Implemented Office of Student Housing cable TV channel for student news, updates and information (channel 32 for TVs without a digital box and channel 119 for those with a digital box)
  • Implemented time tracking solution at University Village by implementing a time card system
  • Made leases available where students could sign them online before arriving on campus
  • Implemented the Express Check-In and Express Check-Out processes. Express Check-In is where students swipe their cards at a computer and are automatically checked-in to their room for the semester. Express Check-Out is when a student has finished checking out of their room, they would go to the front desk, swipe their card and they are automatically updated in the system as being checked out at that date and time
  • Upgraded surveillance cameras at University Village
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