Spring 2019 Application is Live!

The Spring 2019 Campus Living Application is Live.

NOTE: Applying online requires immediate payment of $135 in the form of credit, debit, or e-check. You MUST also have a Student ID (T#).

When you click the Apply button below, you will be taken to BOSS where you will log in with your T# and PIN. Once logged in, simply click Student Services » Housing. On the next page, click the Applications drop down arrow at the top right of the page.

Fall and Spring Semesters:
East Hall Double: $1950 + $16 activity fee + $35 laundry fee
West Hall Double: $2,590 + $16 activity fee + $35 laundry fee
Apartment 4-Bedroom: $2,734 + $16 activity fee
Apartment 2-Bedroom: $2,999 + $16 activity fee

Explore Campus Living today!

Living on campus at UA Little Rock is an opportunity to be in the middle of it all. Being a part of a residential community has many perks, from a greater chance at academic success to a built-in social setting that is brimming with possibility.

Each of the four halls and University Village are equipped with amenities such as furnished rooms, internet access, Xfinity on campus, and reserved student parking. And let’s not forget about laundry, fitness and recreation areas, and the UA Little Rock Dining Experience! So find out what’s in store for you at UA Little Rock – Discover UA Little Rock Campus Living!

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