General FAQs

Is my lease just for a semester?
No.  Campus Living Lease Agreements cover the entire academic year (fall and spring).

How do I pay for my housing?
Campus Living fees are added to your student account at the beginning of the semester. Students have the option to pay up front for the entire semester or pay monthly installments through the deferred payment plan. For more information see https://ualr.edu/bursar.

Are private rooms available?
Limited private rooms may be available for upperclassmen based on availability. Additional costs apply.

Can I change rooms?
For the Fall 2020 semester, we offered pre-semester room changes in July. At this time, we are unable to make any additional room changes.

Where do I park?
Your Campus Living fee includes reserved residential parking. Designated lots are located around the residence halls. Upon registering a vehicle with the Department of Public Safety, residents will receive a parking sticker and their student ID will be activated for the lot assigned to their residence hall.

How do I cancel my housing?
To cancel your housing and meal plan for the fall semester, you must submit the Campus Living Cancellation Form to our office by the August 1st deadline. To cancel your housing and meal plan for the Spring semester, you must submit the same cancellation form by the first Friday in December as defined in the lease. Cancellations received after these deadlines will be subject to a 50% charge of the room fees.

There is a charge on my account that I don’t believe should be there. How do I appeal that charge?

Please find information on the appeal process here.

How do I connect to WiFi? To Ethernet? 

To connect to campus WiFi, follow these instructions. If you are trying to connect to the Ethernet port in your room, please contact IT Services.

If you have any special housing concerns, please contact us at campusliving@ualr.edu or call 501.916.3743.