Where can I park to move out?

Parking will be allowed for 30 minutes at a time on Trojan Lane for North and South Halls. East Hall residents can park in Lot 15 or in the East roundabout for 15 minutes at a time. West Hall residents can park in Lot 10. University Village residents can park in spaces open in all parking lot spaces.

How do I check out?

Make sure all belongings are out of your assigned space. Make sure your assigned space and common area are clean and presentable. Rooms should be set to the original setup as when you moved in. Turn your key into your assigned halls desk or Campus Living main office and fill out your express checkout form.

What if I can’t get my belongings by April 6?

Please email Campus Living at campusliving@ualr.edu with your proposed date and circumstance for an extended checkout.

Can I have a proxy move my belongings and check me out?

A proxy may be granted in the event a student has returned home out of state or country and cannot travel. Campus Living must have written permission sent to campusliving@ualr.edu from the student in their university email and the proxy must provide a state issued ID.

What if I need to stay?

If you have extenuating circumstance(s) and have no alternative housing option other than your assigned space with Campus Living after April 6, please send email campusliving@ualr.edu. In the email, include your (1) first and last name, (2) T#, (3) room number and (4) a brief narrative of your situation. These will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Cases will be reviewed for those that cannot return to their home state or country, do not otherwise have a home to return to, do not have reliable internet or computer access to complete online coursework, have extenuating homelife or health circumstances at this time.

Does the University have storage options?

At this time UA Little Rock does not offer storage options.

  • Special offers from UHAUL can be found here
  • Two Men & a Truck can be contacted at 877.263.6444

Have there been any COVID-19 cases on campus?

There are no known positive cases for COVID-19 for UA Little Rock employees nor students at this time.

What if I have gone home and just did not check out? Where do I send my key?

If you have returned home with all your belongings and are not going to return to checkout, Campus Living will email an express checkout form to your university email for you to complete and return to campusliving@ualr.edu. The express check out form must be completed and your key must be returned to Campus Living in order to process your checkout.

Please mail your key to:

Office of Campus Living
3101 South Taylor
Little Rock, Arkansas 72204

Will I receive a refund on my housing and dining?

UA Little Rock is currently awaiting guidance from the University of Arkansas System regarding refunds for housing and meal plans. As soon as an answer is available regarding housing and meal plan refunds, it will be communicated to students.

Will dining be open the week of March 29- April 6?

Yes. Campus Dining will be providing services during modified hours at limited locations.

How do I get my mail and packages?

Before you leave campus, please check your mailbox and for packages at the Campus Living main Office. We ask all residents to update your home address in your BOSS account. Additionally, we encourage residents to register a forwarding address with the United States Postal Services (USPS). Unfortunately, packages are not forwarded.

Will I be billed for cleanliness and damages?

We understand this is an unusual checkout time. We are going to take that into consideration when walking through rooms. If the damage is extensive and malicious, a student will be billed for the repair. If it appears there was no attempt at cleaning in the space, a cleaning charge will be billed. Wear and tear will not be billed. Billing charges will be assessed for all checkouts by May 1, 2020.

Will there be summer housing?

At this time, yes! Campus Living is moving forward with summer housing. Applications will open on your BOSS account starting April 13.


General FAQs

Is my lease just for a semester?
No.  Campus Living Lease Agreements cover the entire academic year (fall and spring).

How do I pay for my housing?
Campus Living fees are added to your student account at the beginning of the semester. Students have the option to pay up front for the entire semester or pay monthly installments through the deferred payment plan. For more information see https://ualr.edu/bursar.

Are private rooms available?
Limited private rooms may be available for upperclassmen based on availability. Additional costs apply.

Can I change rooms?
Room changes are offered during the beginning of each semester. In order to accommodate late arrivals/applicants, we must wait until about two weeks after the semester has started. The Hall Director for each building will send an email with information about the room change process. In order to participate in the room change process, you must fill out the application sent out by your Hall Director before the deadline. Room changes are not guaranteed. After the room change application closes, the Campus Living Office will evaluate the requests and assign based on availability.

Where do I park?
Your Campus Living fee includes reserved residential parking. Designated lots are located around the residence halls. Upon registering a vehicle with the Department of Public Safety, residents will receive a parking sticker and their student ID will be activated for the lot assigned to their residence hall.

How do I cancel my housing?
To cancel your housing and meal plan for the fall semester, you must submit the Campus_Living_Cancellation_Form to our office by the August 1st deadline. To cancel your housing and meal plan for the Spring semester, you must submit the same cancellation form by the first Friday in December as defined in the lease. Cancellations received after these deadlines will be subject to a 50% charge of the room fees.

There is a charge on my account that I don’t believe should be there. How do I appeal that charge?

Please find information on the appeal process here.

If you have any special housing concerns, please contact us at campusliving@ualr.edu or call 501.661.1743.