Wi-Fi in the Res Halls

UA Little Rock Wireless Access

Residents will notice two distinct SSID’s when attempting to connect to the wireless network. UALR-WiFi is designed for laptops and computing devices that understand 802.1x protocols. UALR-IoT is designed for Internet of Things (IoT) type devices such as game consoles, multimedia streaming devices, and other technologies that don’t support 802.1x, or have limited capabilities such as no web browser.

Major benefits of the upgraded wireless network are:

  • Log-in once and stay connected to the wireless network
  • Register a broad range of wireless devices that previously could not be added to the network
  • Connect unlimited number of devices and enable communication between them

We hope this change helps our residents feel more “at home” with regard to entertainment options in the residence halls.

Getting started

Connecting to the wireless network is easy! Below are two short tutorials for connecting to either UALR-WiFi or UALR-IoT. Below those are links to more detailed tutorials.

Connecting to UALR-WiFi

To connect to the UALR-WiFi network using laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other compatible wireless devices:

  1. On your wireless-enabled device, select UALR-WiFi.
  2. Open a browser and use your NetID to log in.
  3. Enjoy your new wireless experience

View detailed instructions

Connecting to UALR-IoT

To connect to the UALR-IoT network using game consoles, smart televisions, or streaming devices:

  1. On a computer with a web browser, visit the wireless device registration site and log in with your NetID.
  2. Create a new device entry using the MAC address for your Internet of Things device.

View detailed instructions


Please feel free to contact the Campus Living IT Assistance Center if you are unable to connect a device to one of the UA Little Rock wireless networks.

WiFi Frequently Asked Questions

I can't connect to the wireless network, what do I do?

Contact the Campus Living IT Assistance Center at 501.320.9990 or email CLiving-IT@ualr.edu. Please be as descriptive as possible in your email. It is very difficult to fix an issue when the only description is “my internet doesn’t work.” Detail exactly what you are trying to do when you experience the problem and include any error messages you receive. The more information you can give us, the quicker we can fix your issue.