Employee Training Mini Series Summer 2018

                        Tuesdays–2-3:30                               June 12-July 31


June 12             What’s My Role Here?

  • Do you understand what your role is at UA Little Rock? How does what you do every day effect the university?  What are your responsibilities as an employee and how can you make an impact?  In this session, employees will learn what roles they play and how they can best serve their department and the university.  Additional topics necessary for the success of employees to be covered include work ethics, responsibilities, dependability, expectations, and professionalism.


June 19           Top Policies & Laws That You Should Know

  • What employment laws and UA Little Rock policies should you know and how do they effect you? Employees will learn how employment laws and policies impact your work.  HR experts and a member of our legal team will be available to provide information and answer questions.


June 26           How To Communicate At Work

  • Are you familiar with communication styles and techniques that people use in the work place? Do people from different generations, backgrounds, and experience communicate differently?  Regardless of your position and/or department, we all have to communicate with others.  Learn ways to be a better communicator at work.  This session will also discuss communicating with mutual respect and communicating through conflicts.


July 10             Strategies To Get Your Job Done

  • What can you do to make your daily tasks easier? Ever feel like you just cannot get everything done?  Learn strategies in this session to help with organization, planning, setting goals, prioritizing, and completing tasks.  Other techniques such as time and stress management will be covered as additional ways to manage your day and responsibilities.


July17             How to Work With a Team?

  • Do you ever wonder who these people are that you work with and how to work together? Teamwork takes everyone doing their part and working to help the team succeed.  In this session, you will learn ways to communicate and work with your team members.  Understanding your team dynamics and culture can help you relate to your team members better.  Strategies to prevent team conflict and promote cohesiveness are key in making a successful team.


July 24             Strategies for Career Development

  • What can you do to grow in your professional role? What do you need to learn to progress in your area?  How can you grow your skill and knowledge base to help you in advancement?  Employees will learn how to look for ways to increase their job skills and stand out to others as someone who wants to improve.  Learning to identify your strengths, weaknesses, skill levels, and potential is key in understanding how you can achieve the professional goals you desire.


July 31             What To Know About Supervisor Feedback & How To Handle It

  • Do you understand your performance evaluation and feedback you receive from your supervisor? In this session, employees will learn about the evaluation process and what to expect as an employee, how to understand feedback and apply those comments to your job.  Counseling and disciplinary feedback will also be discussed and how to handle those conversations.  As well as how to take feedback in a positive manner to improve performance.

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