EPAF FAQ, Tips & Information

This is where you will find information on how to produce successful EPAF completions through FAQ and other information.  If there are changes and updates to the EPAF process, they will be posted here as well. To access the “EPAF Resource Document” link, you may be required to use your FACSTAFF domain username and password. When prompted to login, enter FACSTAFF\username.

EPAF Resource Document

Use this document to help determine which EPAF Approval category to use and includes the appropriate query date to use for every EPAF category.


What is an EPAF?
An EPAF (Electronic Personnel Action Form) is a set of on-line data entry forms used to appoint job actions for UALR employees.

Can I process more than one EPAF at a time for a temporary employee?
Yes, Choose the Contract Type.  If your department or another department is processing an EPAF for a concurrent job, such as, Extra Labor or Non-credit Lecturer, you need to decide which one is to be primary.  The other job is going to be Secondary.  If the person has a primary job then make this one secondary.

Note: Include the transaction number of the other EPAF and the concurrent job information in the Comment box.  You will need to contact the EPAF originator of the other EPAF in order to get the transaction number.

Payroll identifies EPAFS by transaction numbers.  In order for EPAFs to be approved in a timely manner, payroll needs to know which transaction numbers are created first.  Attaching a brief comment with the transaction number will give payroll what they need in order for the process to move forward more smoothly.

Can I create an EPAF for an existing employee?  For example, I have a full time non classified employee that has been requested to do extra work.  He/she already has an existing position number.

Yes you can.  An employee can have multiple positions, but only one primary position. Use the EC Extra Compensation.  In order to be eligible for Extra Compensation, the person must be employed and currently in a benefits-eligible position.  There are three types of Extra Compensation employee classes that will be used as a prefix with position numbers for this EPAF: E, EC & EO.  The E class is a Foundation Payment.  The EC class is used for full-time employees who are teaching coursework for which a UALR student will receive credit.  The EO class is used for everything else.  Double check to be sure you typed the capital letters EO and not the letter E and the number zero (0) when entering position numbers.

Why is entering comments so important?
Comments provide information for everyone involved in the EPAF and create a history of why and how this job appointment occurred.

What EPAF Category should I use to transfer a benefits eligible employee into my department from another department?
Use the Change in Position EPAF Category.  The Change in Position Classified Full Time EPAF is used to change an employee’s job assignment from an existing benefits-eligible position to another benefits-eligible position.  There must be no days between the old job and the new job, even if the days are Saturday, Sunday or a holiday.  If there is a break in service or lapsed days between jobs, do not use this EPAF but contact Human Resource Services concerning this hire.

Before you begin working on this EPAF, there are two tasks that need to be completed before you start.

  1.    Ensure that you have a valid and budgeted position number available
    2.    Confirm that a Terminate Job EPAF has been completed and Applied for the employee’s existing job assignment

What EPAF Category should I use to process a change in pay rate?
Use the Change in Salary, Change in Hourly Rate or Change in Encumbrance.

The Change in Annual Salary EPAF is used for a 12 month benefits-eligible employee who is staying in the same position and receiving an increase or decrease in salary.

Use the Change In Encumbrance EPAF To change the encumbrance for an hourly employee whose position is starting with HE, HS, or HW, use the Change in Encumbrance EPA

The Change In Hourly Rate EPAF is used to change the Hourly Rate for any HE Extra Labor, HS Student Labor or HW Work Study position.

What EPAF Category should I use to process a promotion for someone within my current department?
Use one of the Change in Position EPAFs.  This will allow you to update Salary & Job Change Position but keep the Home Organization and Distribution Organization the same.  Be sure to add comments detailing the change.

What form should I use to process a Leave of Absence for a benefits eligible employee?
Use the Change in Job Status EPAF.

When would I use the Terminate Job EPAF?
If an employee has left a job assignment; you would do a Terminate Job EPAF.  Check to see if the employee has an end date on the position you want to terminate.  If they do, you will have to process a Remove Future Job End Date EPAF and be sure it is applied before you submit a Terminate Job EPAF.

We budgeted $1800.00 for an Extra Labor employee.  We need to increase their budgeted amount to $2,400.00.  What EPAF do I use for that?
Use the Change in Encumbrance EPAF.

What paperwork is required when an existing UALR employee is hired into a different department?  For example, do the departments still have to fill out the W4 and everything they do with a new hire?
Employee paperwork is required when a current UALR employee is moving from one department to another.  If you are not sure, contact the Department of Human Resources.

Do I still need to send in paperwork after using an EPAF for employees new to UALR?
Yes, please continue to send new employee paperwork to the Dep. Of Human Resources before you submit the EPAF.  You risk an EPAF being returned to you id the HR paperwork is not complete.

How do I hire employees such as graduate students who have an existing job?
You make sure one position is primary and the other is secondary. Refer to the EPAF Reference Sheet for job concurrency.  You can find the EPAF Reference Sheet at the top of this page.

I put the employees name in the ID data box but, for some reason, it’s not working.  What did I do wrong?
Remove the person’s name in the ID data box and replace it with the employee’s T number and press tab.  The person’s name will automatically populate the filed to the right on the just entered T Number.  Use this method to verify that you have the right person with the right T Number.

I have a new employee coming from another department.  How do I terminate his/her old permanent position so I can submit a Change in Position EPAF to bring them into my department?
The employee should be terminated by the department that he/she is leaving.  The original department will have to terminate the job for the existing employee before they can re-fill the position.  Contact that department and ask for the status of the employee’s Terminate Job EPAF.

I have a graduate assistant who is leaving for a full time job.  I am trying to terminate her position, but I get error messages; something about dates.  What’s going wrong?

The graduate assistant may have a future job end date.  You will have to create and submit a Remove Future Job End Date EPAF and wait for it to be applied before you can submit the Terminate EPAF.

Why can I not use the Terminate Job EPAF to terminate an employee? Also, what EPAF do I use to terminate an employee from UALR?
The Terminate Job EPAF is used to terminate an existing and active position, not a person.  There is no EPAF for terminating an employee from the University.  You will have to use a paper PAF for this action.

How do I hire employees such as graduate students who have two jobs, with two different position numbers?
You can hire employees for both their jobs at the same time since they are being hired for two different position numbers.  In this case, you be sure to make one position the primary position and the other a secondary position.

How do I know what Suffix to use and when?
Once you have completed the first page of the EPAF and click GO you will be taken to the New EPAF Job Selection Screen.  At the bottom of the screen, depending on the Approval Category you chose, you may see Existing jobs.  If you do not see existing jobs at the bottom of the screen, click All Jobs.  If you see an existing job number that matches the one you are using, the suffix will be one up from what you see on the screen.  If you do not see a match or if there are no job numbers, the suffix will be 00.

I’m told that the query date must be right.  How can I check to see if the Query date is right?
Use the EPAF Resource Document.  You can find it at the top of this page.