UALR Faculty and Recent IQ Graduates Participate in IQ Certification Development

Two UALR faculty members and two recent UALR IQ graduates have been helping the International Association for Information and Data Quality (IAIDQ) in its goal to launch a certification for IQ professionals.  Dr. Elizabeth Pierce, chair of the UALR Information Science Department, and Dr. John Talburt, Coordinator for the UALR Information Quality Graduate Program, were part of the first panel that met in Cary, North Carolina, in 2008 and defined the six domains of knowledge and skills to be covered by the certification examination.  This past spring, Dr. Neal Gibson and Dr. Greg Holland, the first graduates from the IQ Emphasis of the UALR Applied Science Program, joined the second panel charged with developing the examination questions.  Christian Walenta, IAIDQ President, gave a progress report on the certification development process at the association’s annual conference held June 7-10 in San Diego where he announced that the certification is on schedule for release in early 2011.  The next panel will be meeting in conjunction with the MIT IQ Industry Symposium in Cambridge on July 13th to construct the first examination.  For more information about the IAIDQ and IQ Certification visit

(Cecilia Bartley)

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