Dr. Pierce Presents at IDQ 2010 in San Diego

Dr. Elizabeth Pierce, Chair of the UALR Information Science Department, gave an invited presentation on “IQ Policies and Strategies for Empowering the Knowledge Worker” at the 2010 Data Governance and Information and Data Quality Conference this past June.  Her presentation looked at the varying aspects of data stewardship within data governance and its representation in enterprise.  Her approach to the challenge of strengthening data governance focused on the inclusion of employee involvement by viewing knowledge workers as data consumers as well as data suppliers.  The research focuses on two key issues that relate to the success of an employee’s adoption of the data governance process:

  • How to involve knowledge workers
  • Determining factors that will motivate knowledge workers

The Information and Data Quality conference is sponsored by the International Association for Information and Data Quality (IAIDQ) and this year it was held in conjunction with the Data Governance Conference in San Diego, California.  Data Governance is an important strategy for sustaining data quality in an organization, and the conference brought together IQ and DG practitioners and vendors worldwide.   Other UALR attendees included Dr. John Talburt the Coordinator of the UALR Information Quality Graduate Program and Technical Adviser to the IAIDQ Board of Directors, Dinah Mande an MSIQ student and President of the UALR IAIDQ Community of Practice, Marie Carton a PhD IQ student and Data Analyst at the University of Arkansas Medical Science campus, and Eric Nielsen an MSIQ student and Information Quality Process Analyst for Aera Energy in Bakersfield, CA.

For more information on Dr. Pierce’s presentation contact expierce@ ualr.edu.

-Cecilia Bartley-

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