The College of Engineering and Information Technology to Offer New PhD Program

Beginning in the fall 2010 a new doctoral program will be added to the Donaghey College of Engineering and Information Technology.  The Integrated Computing PhD will be an interdisciplinary program with five emphasis areas shared by the Systems Engineering, Computer Science, and Information Science departments.

Integrated Computing Emphasis Areas: Concentration
Computer Engineering Track  Hardware components and system software integration. 
Computer Science Track Application architecture across various networks. 
Information Quality Track Theory, principles, models and techniques used to deliver data that is “fit for use”. 
Information Science Track Theory, applications, technologies, and systems. 
Net-Integrated Computing Track Hardware components and software used by Internet/Cloud computing networks. 


Each track is modeled to work in partnership with other tracks in the Integrated Computing program; allowing students and faculty members the opportunity to relate to other disciplines and foster strong multidisciplinary collaboration.  Students accepted into the program will be required to complete a minimum of 72 hours for the PhD degree. 

UALR students already admitted to the Applied Computing and Information Quality emphasis areas of the Applied Science PhD Program will be given the option of transferring into the new Integrated Program.

Dr. Kenji Yoshigoe, Asst. Professor of Computer Science, will be the coordinator for the Integrated Computing program.  Dr. John Talburt, the Coordinator of the UALR Information Quality Graduate Program, will serve as the Coordinator for the Information Quality, and Dr. Xiaowei Xu will serve as the Coordinator for the Information Science Track in the new program.  Further details on the new degree program will be available throughout the year.  For additional information please contact Dr. Yoshigoe at or Dr. Elizabeth Pierce, Chair of Information Science, at

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