UALR IQ Students Investigate Video Profiling for the Air Force

Yinle Zhou, a doctoral student in the IQ Track of the Integrated Computing, along with a group of fellow researchers are investigating ways to adapt traditional database profiling techniques to the assessment of video image quality.  The work was started during their participation in this past Summer at Edge (SATE) program in Dayton, Ohio.  SATE is part of the Tec^Edge program managed by the Wright Brothers Institute and sponsored by the US Air Force Research Laboratory at Wright Patterson Air Force Base.  SATE is designed to promote innovation by bringing together students, faculty, military contractors, and military technicians for an intense summary of collaboration.

Yinle noted that within statistics certain descriptors are very common when measuring numeric data (i.e., mean, median, mode, etc…), but determining the appropriate metrics to assess video content offers itself to a unique set of variables, such as contrast, saturation, peak signal noise ratios (PSNR’s), edge detection, etc.     The work focuses on capturing these variables as a means to assess the quality of video data

Yinle and her team of researchers, including Dr. John Talburt, Coordinator of the UALR Information Quality Graduate Program along with Hailin Tang, a master’s student at UALR, developed V-Profile, a Java based prototype that works with MatLab to capture and visualize key metadata about a video stream.  The goal of the research is to automatically identify segments of a video that have the same metadata characteristics (signature) of an event of interest to a viewer.  Dr. Mariofanna Milanova from the Information Science department along with Dr. Roger of Quest was also on hand to provide feedback at various stages of the experiment. 

When asked Yinle stated that, “Participating in SATE was a worthwhile experience not only because of the opportunity to meet and work with so many unique people, but I learned a lot from researchers at all levels; high school, college, and professional.  The high energy level of the researchers within the program was infectious, and the coordinators were quick to respond to all of my requests.”

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