Teaching Resources

To help promote high quality instruction, UALR has developed several websites to provide faculty with a wide variety of instructional resources including teaching guidelines, policies, tools, techniques, and other support materials. These websites include the following:

Disability Support Services

DSS is available to help faculty and staff in providing equal access to students with disabilities in the academic arena whether it be the traditional classroom or an on-line course. Disability Support Services information for faculty and staff can be found at the link for Disability Support Services Information for Faculty and Staff.

STaR Office

The Scholarly Technology and Resources (STaR) Office’s mission is faculty support for teaching and learning with technology. Their services are available year round, Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. The STaR Office provides opportunities for training and professional development, instructional design and course development services, quality multimedia production, WebCT administration and support, and tech support for faculty. To find out more, visit the STaR link for Faculty

Faculty and Staff Technology Resources

UALR has pledged to provide programs of study to educate students to live, work, and lead in the complex, technological, and diverse world of the 21st century. The Technology Resource Page provides links to campus tools for teaching, reference, and support that faculty can use to integrate technology with the curriculum (Technology Resource Link).

Graduate School Forms for Coordinators

The Graduate School provides a variety of forms in pdf format such as transfer of credit, change of status, registration and advisement that graduate coordinators and advisors in the MSIQ program will find useful. These forms are available from the Graduate Coordinators Link.

The Office of the Provost

The website for the Office of the Provost (Provost Office Link) provides many links to information resources that faculty will find useful for answering questions such as how to get paid, how to get ready for class, how to resolve email issues, where to go for help, and technology inquiries).