New feature: record audio and video feedback with the Grade Center

Providing audio and video feedback can help you save time while allowing you to speak directly to your students, and with Blackboard’s newly integrated audio and video feedback workflow, you can now record your feedback without leaving the Grade Center.

The new feature, available now in your UA Little Rock online course, can be accessed anywhere you can provide feedback to students, like assignment submissions and graded discussion forums. Since all recorded content is captured in-browser through the Grade Center interface and stored in the cloud, there’s no need to search for files created with third-party recording software — just click the record button.

To find the feedback recording option, just access the grading panel for submitted work, and in the the Feedback to Learner textbox, click the text button to expand the text editor:

Image of the text button in the feedback to learner pane

Click the microphone icon to open the recording panel in a pop-up window:

Image of the Microphone Icon in the text editor

Recording feedback is simple — click the gear icon to set up your microphone and camera. When you’re ready to begin, just click the record button.

Image of the Audio/Video feedback recording interface

The resizable popup window allows you to view submitted work while you speak, so there’s no need to toggle between windows, and you can pause the recording should you need to take a break. Once submitted, students access your recording through the MyGrades tool.

Recording files are stored by Blackboard, so they won’t contribute to the size of your course like uploaded audio or video files made using third-party recording software. Time limits for feedback recordings — 5 minutes for audio recordings and 1 minute for video — help you stay concise while managing the total size of stored recordings for the university. You will need to consider alternatives for creating longer feedback recordings.

You can find more information about the feedback recording option on the Blackboard website. If you have feedback or questions about using the recording tool, or if run into trouble while making recordings in your UA Little Rock course, please contact STaR!

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