Connect, Collaborate, Create: Developing a Culture of Quality with Course Design

Creating an effective online course that engages learners through active and meaningful learning experiences can be a daunting task…but it doesn’t have to be. If you are interested in developing a course that is aligned, offers collaborative and active learning opportunities, as well as ensures a plan for instructor presence, then check out new faculty development opportunities available through STaR this fall.

From theory to practice, the Instructional Design team will share research-based evidence to support the importance of developing high quality online courses through interactive and engaging learning experiences. Learn how to develop an effective online course and improve student learning by creating an engaging, easy to navigate online course environment.

Focus on Quality Online Course Design

Getting Started

Developing from Pedagogy to Andragogy

Both pedagogy (child learning) and andragogy (adult learning) are relevant in higher education courses. Explore which one (or both) is suited for your course to ensure student success and retention.

Start with a Plan: Design Basics for Online Course Quality

Effective course design plays a significant role in usability, satisfaction and ultimately retention and success of the online learner. In this session discover basic course design principles and strategies to enhance the online learning experience.

Creating Engaging Learning Content

Be reASSUREd: You can effectively integrate technology into your course

Overview of instructional design models that will help you outline course objectives, learning materials, and assessments. Brainstorm different tools and technologies that will enhance your instructional practices.

Objectives, Assessments, Materials…Oh My! Ensuring Alignment in Your Online Course

Clear and measurable objectives are essential in communicating learning expectations to students. But are your objectives properly aligned with your assessments and instructional materials? In this session we will explore course mapping and how to ensure alignment in your online course.

Pulling it All Together

What Works? Turning your Face to Face Assignments into Online Assignments

Developing an online course based on an existing face-to-face course requires more than learning how to use the technology and loading the material into the learning management system. In this workshop, we discuss and share ways to build your face-to-face assignments in your online course.

Setting up a Google Drive for Online Course Design

In this hands-on session participants will learn how to set up and organize documents in Google Drive for ease of use when designing courses.

From the Whiteboard to Blackboard: A Hybrid Approach

Explore how to use a learning management system to support learning materials and assessments for your face-to-face class.

Check out the STaR Training Calendar for additional details and to Register for any of these sessions.

All sessions will be held in the STaR Training Lab (Dickinson 101) or you may join us online via STaR Trainings.

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