Blackboard FAQ

How do I make my course available?

Students will not have access until the first day of classes and after you make your course available. To do so access your course management control panel. Expand the customization menu and select properties.

When will my course shell be available?

Course shells are made available to faculty at least 90 days in advance of the upcoming semester.

How do I forward Blackboard Course Messages?

While you can’t really forward course messages you can receive notifications to your UALR Email. Course messages are private and secure text-based communication that occurs within a course and among course members.

Although similar to email, you must be logged into a course to read and send course messages. Before Service Pack (SP) 14, the only way to know if you had any new course messages was to constantly log in to your course and check. In SP 14, course messages are part of the notifications framework.

Anyone enrolled in a course can receive notification that they have new messages from the Updates area in My Blackboard, in the What’s New module on both institutional and course module pages, and from email.

Users can manage their notification settings to include course messages and set preferences. Notifications include organization messages as well.

How do I set-up a duplicate exam for a student?

Go to the test and select the action link next to the test title.

Select “Edit Test Options” under availability exceptions you can add the user and create a date/time exception so there is no need to create a duplicate exam.

How long do I make an exam available?

The duration of the exam (e.g., 30 minutes) should be at the discretion of the instructor in keeping with their syllabus policies.

Final exams should be made available during the Final Exam period. The days and times should be at the discretion of the instructor and/or department.

Typically, these exams are available over a series of two or more days and the test duration (e.g., 2 hours) should be in keeping with the appropriate amount of time required by the instructor.

Departments often have their own guidelines for Final exams. So, the method of instructional delivery (i.e., online) should not override department policy.

How do I provide another instructor access to my course?

All users assigned as Instructor of Record in Banner will have automatic access to their Blackboard courses. To add additional instructors, teaching assistants, or course viewers, please send us a request using the course access request form on the STaR website, and we’ll add the user for you.

How do I add students to my course?

Student enrollments are managed by our enrollment script, so any student that’s registered for the course should be automatically added.

Enrollments can take up to five hours to process, so if a student has registered but does not appear in your Blackboard course shell, check it to make sure that they haven’t recently registered for the course.

Can students with an incomplete access Blackboard course materials?

Students with an incomplete status in Banner for a course will retain access to the course shell in which they were originally enrolled. Once the incomplete has been assigned, undergraduate students will retain access to the course for 90 days and graduate students will retain access for a full academic year.