Instructional Design Services

The STaR Office provides instructional design and course development assistance for all instructors using online learning technologies. Instructors are welcome to seek assistance at any time by calling, emailing, or stopping by our office. We also provide a full-blown course development process and quality assurance resources. Please review the options below and contact our office should you have any questions.

Assistance as needed – Contact our office at any time for instructional design questions or to obtain related training.
STaR Course Development Program – Instructors can sign-up to develop a course through our course development program. This program includes working closely with our instructional design team to develop a course based on best practices and internationally recognized course design standards. The program covers approximately 10 weeks and includes one-on-one meetings with an instructional designer and production assistance from a digital media specialist.
Online Course Design Quality Assurance StandardsDeveloped to establish research-based effective guidelines and practices, the STaR Quality Assurance (QA) Standards focus primarily on course design to ensure high quality learning environments in an effort to promote student retention and success. STaR QA Standards range from Bronze (minimum requirements for all courses) to Gold (Internal QM certification). Learn more about each standard and how faculty may Submit a Self-review.
Quality Matters Course Reviews – Upon receiving STaR QA Gold certification (Internal QM Certification), instructors can seek QM recognition for any course and receive a monetary stipend, which includes the opportunity for in-kind QM professional development, if funding is available. We encourage anyone interested in QM recognition to contact our QM Coordinator, Sharonda Lipscomb to discuss this option further. Learn more about QM at UA Little Rock.