Congrats to Brockway and Pettis for publications

Recently two MAIS students, Clint Brockway and Christy Pettis, published scholarly articles. Both articles address issues in the deaf community and/or ways these issues affect the culture.

Clint Brockway’s article is titled “Sociolinguistic Variation in the American Black Deaf Community: An introduction to the status of past and present research.” It appeared in the 2012 issue of The National Interpreter Education Center’s Journal of Undergraduate Interpreting Studies. Clint’s work focuses on issues of sociolinguistics and “how languages interact with societies, how different groups use language and how that language changes from group to group.” Clint’s research explores the ways in which ASL (American Sign Language) varies. His article particularly focuses on “such a variation among the American Black Deaf community.” The article deals with a variety of linguistic factors including “social attitudes, lexicon, phonology, morphology, syntax, and semantics.” You can read the article here:

Christy Pettis’s article appears in the International Social Science Review and is titled “Individuals with Hearing Loss in Arkansas and Mental Health Services: Evaluating Accessibility.” The article discusses the implications of hearing loss with respect to mental health services and it performs an evaluation of accessibility to mental health services in Arkansas. Her research reveals a unique relationship between hearing loss and mental health based on communication modalities. The survey within revealed deficits in meeting the mental health needs of Arkansans who have a hearing loss and the strong need for a centralized service center to address the needs of the Deaf Community. For further information or subscriptions, please visit the website of Pi Gamma Mu at

We would like to congratulate both students on their success in publishing these articles, both of which are fruits of the labor of their undergraduate research. We look forward to seeing more publications from Clint, Christy, and other MAIS students in the future!

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