Student Research Spotlight: Gieringer, Miller, Homsley

Students in MAIS are busy going to conferences to present their research during 2014-2015. We’re excited to share the below information:

  • Darby Gieringer presented “Blood Type O and Bicurious: South Park as a Cultural Counter Narrative” at the Arkansas Graduate and Honors Convention in October 2014. She will be presenting another paper, “Horror in the womb: The monstrous feminine in Batman: Arkham Asylum,” at the National Popular Culture & American Culture Conference in April 2015.


  • Joshua Miller will be joining his thesis advisor, Dr. Vickie Edwards, at the annual ARNOVA conference (Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action) in November 2014. They will be presenting on the sustainability of nonprofit organizations during The Great Recession, specifically focused on those Arkansas nonprofits which are arts driven and those associated with the health and human service sectors.


  • Suzanne Homsley will be presenting her paper, “Cultural Differences as a Factor for Racial Disparities in Arkansas Healthcare,” at the Arkansas Historical Association Annual Conference in April 2015.
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