New MAIS Curriculum is Effective as of Fall 2019

New MAIS Curriculum  Effective as of Fall 2019

M.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies Degree Requirements

The new curriculum for MAIS students now only requires 6 hours of IDST courses rather than the previous 12 hour requirement. Program details can be seen below or on the program requirements page.

Required Interdisciplinary Studies courses: 6 hours

Primary Concentration Area: 15 hours

Secondary Concentration Area: 12 hours

Total Program Credit Hours: 33 hours

At least 15 hours must be at the 7000 level or above.

The required 6-hour Interdisciplinary Studies segment includes:

  • IDST 7310: Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies (1st or 2nd semester)
  • IDST 7391: Interdisciplinary Capstone (final semester – replaces thesis/final project)

The final project work will be decided upon consultation with your thesis/project advisor and the graduate coordinator of MAIS. A faculty committee of 3 members guides the thesis/project (led by a primary chair).

For more information, contact Dr. Norton:
Phone: 501-569-3312

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