Why Interdisciplinary Studies

Interdisciplinary Studies is a rapidly growing and developing field: more and more universities are offering undergraduate and graduate interdisciplinary degree options. There are many ways to configure such degrees. The MA in Interdisciplinary Studies program (formerly the MA in Liberal Studies) at UALR is designed for those whose interests are too broad or complex to be covered by one discipline and those who have a sincere interest in pursuing study in two disciplines at a higher level.

An interdisciplinary approach gives you the opportunity to study topics from different perspectives.

Brief Video of 2 Alums Speaking About Interdisciplinary Studies

Students who choose interdisciplinary studies fields tend to possess the following traits (according to IDS expert, Allan Repko):

  • Enterprise
  • Love of Learning
  • Reflection
  • Tolerance for Ambiguity and Paradox in the Midst of Complexity
  • Appreciation of Diversity
  • Receptivity to the Perspectives of Other Disciplines