Required Courses

Intro to Interdisciplinary Studies (IDST 7310)

In this course students refine their ability to read and think critically, to understand and make effective arguments, to understand and practice research techniques, and to communicate effectively in writing. Students study interdisciplinary processes and formulate an interdisciplinary research project.  A sampling of major texts from various disciplines are considered from an interdisciplinary perspective. The course is only offered in the fall and must be taken in the first fall semester following admission into the program.

Interdisciplinary Studies Capstone (IDST 7391)

In this course, students complete an interdisciplinary capstone project by producing a research paper, creative paper or project, applied project, or portfolio of work. A research document and/or reflective essay may be required as a supplement to creative and applied projects and portfolios. This course is to be completed in a student’s final semester in the program.

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