MAIS for Teachers

Britney_1Professionally I am more marketable, personally, my dream has come true, and through it I can encourage others. Nothing can be more rewarding than that.” ~ MAIS Alum

You probably became a teacher because you loved learning. You appreciated the content area you studied so much that you wanted to share it with young people and help them grow in their knowledge and understanding. If you are considering a master’s program to build on your knowledge in the area that you love while also honing your teaching skills, MAIS may be a perfect fit.

The MAIS program at UALR provides a variety of options for teachers. Earning an interdisciplinary degree allows each student to develop a strong foundation in one core discipline while also acquiring proficiency in a second. This kind of specialization allows educators to design a degree that fits their needs. For example, an English or Language Arts teacher may choose to combine English and Philosophy or English and Education; a History teacher may choose to combine History and Psychology; a music teacher may choose Music and Education or Music and Anthropology. The options allow you to design your degree based on your individual interests and your teaching specialty.

For more information about the disciplines that are available to MAIS students, see our degree requirements.