Financial Benefits

Did you know that tenured teachers may receive tuition reimbursement for certain degree programs? Teachers who have a masters degree may potentially make up to $5,000 more a year than their colleagues who only have a bachelors degree. Our Program Coordinator, Dr. Angela Hunter, can assist you in designing a degree plan that will suit your personal and career goals and verifying with your school district if you are eligible for a master’s level pay raise upon completion.

To see how you can benefit from earning your MAIS degree, check out the links below.

LRSD Salary Schedule

NLRSD Salary Schedule

Tuition Reimbursement for NLRSD Teachers Policy Manual

State Teacher Education Program (STEP)
2010 Subject Shortage Area

State Teacher Education Program (STEP) – Financial Aid Division

NOTE: Statistics are for example only. Please check with your local school district’s administration for details concerning issues of reimbursement and salary.