BAIS Online Advising

Before registering for classes each semester, you will need to contact an academic advisor. UA Little Rock places an advising hold on your account that will block students from registering until they have been advised. Your advisor will discuss with you your academic goals and guide you in choosing courses for the current semester.

UA Little Rock requires students to be advised before every registration period. You will notice an advising flag appear on your account. To have this flag released, you will need to follow the steps below:

Procedure for returning BAIS Online students:

  1. Review the class schedules located on the UA Little Rock homepage.
  2. Go to the Advising Request Form (you may be asked to log in using your log in information that you use for your UA Little Rock email) and complete all fields and click submit.
  3. The advisor will review your choices and contact you.
  4. Review dates of registration on the Academic Calendar. Official registration periods will start by priority. Priority means by classification based on completed hours. Remember hours are figured going into the current term (do not count the hours you are currently in):
  • Freshman is a student with 0-29 hours
  • Sophomore is a student with 30-59 hours
  • Junior is a student with 60-89 hours
  • Senior is a student with 90 or more hours

Procedure for new BAIS Online students:

  • You will need to be officially declared as an Interdisciplinary Studies online (BAIS) student. Contact the BAIS Online Advisor, Director of Student Services Sarah Haughenbury.

BAIS Online Advisor:

Sarah Haughenbury
Office: CALS Dean’s Office (FA 210)