Online Registering for Classes

Students Must Be Admitted, Advised, and Officially Declared into the BAIS Program Before They Will Be Allowed to Register.

How to register for BAIS classes using the BOSS system: 

  1. Log into BOSS
  2. Select “Enter Secure Log In”
  3. Login using your T number and Pin number
  4. Choose Student Services
  5. When registration opensand you are able to register you can choose “Registration”
  6. Then choose “Add/Drop Classes”
  7. Insert the CRN numbers that were found on the class schedule for the courses that you wish to take
  8. Click on “Submit Changes”

Once you’ve added or dropped your classes, you can view your semester schedule one of two ways from the “Registration” menu:

  • “Student Schedule by Day & Time” gives you a day-by-day grid of the week, showing your classes in their time slots (which is not very helpful for online courses).
  • “Student Detail Schedule” opens a detailed grid of information about each individual class.