About the program

The unique nature of the program requires students to work closely with an advisor to develop a cohesive and individualized degree plan.  Students are required to meet with their BAIS advisor each semester in order to gauge progress.  Advising provides students with opportunities for guidance, support and accountability.

The program requires 60 hours in addition to the core curriculum requirements. The major includes 18 hours of study in three separate disciplines (54 hours total), as well as IDST 3350 Reasoning Across the Disciplines and IDST 4350 Interdisciplinary Studies Capstone (formerly Liberal Arts Colloquium).

Three Concentration Areas (18 hours in each; 54 hours total)

Students will choose 2 areas from options in the College of Arts, Letters, and Sciences and College of Social Sciences and Communication, and a 3rd area from either of those colleges or another college (such as College of Business or Health Education and Professions). This includes any minor available at UALR. Consult with the BAIS advisors for other options.

Arts, Letters, and Sciences options:

Art History, Studio Art, Biology, Chemistry, Creative Writing, Dance, Digital Graphics, English (Literature), French, Geography, History, Linguistics, Math, Music, Philosophy, Philosophy and Religious Studies, Photography, Physics, Race and Ethnicity Studies, Religious Studies, Theatre Arts, Spanish

Social Sciences and Communication options:

Anthropology, Film Studies, Gender Studies,  International Studies, Legal Studies, Mass Communication, Middle Eastern Studies, Nonprofit Professional Studies, Political Science, Presidential Studies, Professional and Technical Writing, Psychology, Sociology, Speech Communication