Interdisciplinary Studies Degree Requirements

The Interdisciplinary Studies major consists of 3 concentrations, which are disciplines or areas of study (typically 18 hours each), and two courses in Interdisciplinary Studies that all students must complete (6 hours).

Two of the three concentration areas must be chosen from a specific list of options in the Arts, Letters, and Sciences College and the Social Sciences and Communication College. The 3rd concentration area may be located in any college. You can access the list of options here by selecting “Concentration Areas” on the left-hand navigation menu on this page.


  • IDST 3350 Reasoning Across the Disciplines
  • IDST 4350 Interdisciplinary Studies Capstone

In addition to the major requirements, all core general education requirements must also be completed. General education core requirements may vary depending on the student’s specific catalog year. If you have questions or concerns regarding degree requirements, please contact the BAIS advisor (Shanel Smith) by calling 569-3234.

All students are required to complete at least 120 hours of course study to satisfy university graduation requirements. Of those, at least 30 hours must be from UALR and at least 45 must be upper level. There are no prerequisites required to declare a major in Interdisciplinary Studies. There is no foreign language requirement.