ARGOS 3.1 Upgrade

Attention all ARGOS Users:

The ARGOS server has recently been upgraded to the lates version available, Version 3.1. It has been received very well by other campuses and has taken to into account various request among users nationwide. Below is a portion of the email notifying ARGOS users about the Upgrade. CLICK HERE FOR RELEASE GUIDE: ARGOS 3.1 RG

The latest release has many features including:

– Application Program Interface (API) allowing seamless integration of your Argos reports to various portals (such as Luminis), web pages and other 3rd party applications (such as AppWorx).
– Administrators can now restore deleted DataBlocks, reports and/or schedules from a Trash Bin.
– Charts are now easier to build with the new Chart Wizard.
– Aligning objects across different bands in a Banded report is now possible.
– Modifications in both Datablock and Banded report can now be undone with the new Undo/Redo feature.

In addition to the new features we’ve put into 3.1 (thanks to the suggestions of the Argos Community), several enhancements to improve stability and performance have also been made.

If you have any questions and or concerns please let me know!

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