UALR email accounts now work more like regular Google Accounts

Your UALR email account may now be used to access more than 65 additional services including YouTube, Picasa, Reader, etc. Signing into these new Google services will be automatic and seamless after you log into your UALR email.

After the transition, each UALR email account holder is required to log into at least once to accept the new terms of service. UALR owns and manages all accounts and all activity using these services (Email, Sites, YouTube, Picasa, etc.) with a account is subject to relevant university policies, especially the Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy, in addition to Google’s Terms of Service. You can create a personal account with Google if you want to access Google services without being subject to UALR’s policies.

Help and support

For more information, we encourage you to review the Google Transition Checklist and the Google Help Center for answers to many common questions. You may also contact the IT Services Assistance Center .

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