IT Services improves email delivery speed

UPDATE: The date the on-campus mail filtering service at will be retired has been extended to February 20, 2013.

As of January 7, 2013, all spam filtering for mail is now handled by Gmail. This change significantly improved the speed of mail delivery.

Last semester UALR started to experience slow or delayed email delivery. All mail was being checked for spam and viruses by the on-campus mail filtering service at Increased amounts of traffic eventually overburdened that system and caused mail delivery times to slow down. Recent changes in Google’s features enabled IT Services to address this issue by removing the on-campus mail filter and delivering all mail directly to Gmail.

Most users will only notice the increase in mail delivery speed. Users who managed email whitelists in the on-campus mail filtering service may wish to recreate those filters in Gmail.

On-campus mail filtering service to be retired

Messages marked as spam are no longer being quarantined by the on-campus mail filter. Instead, the messages will now be placed in the Gmail Spam folder. Any whitelist or custom filtering rules created within this service no longer apply to mail accounts.

The service will remain online (though it is no longer checking new mail) until February 20, 2013, to allow users time to deliver any legitimate messages and make a note of any whitelisted addresses.

Managing spam with Google

The spam label/folder appears after All Mail in the Gmail mailbox listing.

Gmail Spam folder

With the removal of the on-campus mail filter service, all spam management will be handled solely by Gmail’s spam features. If a message does not arrive in your inbox as expected, it may have been delivered to the Gmail Spam folder.

The report spam button is located after the Archive button and before the Trash button.

Report Spam button

If you receive a message you believe to be spam, use the Report Spam button. This will help to train Gmail to treat similar messages like spam in the future.

If you would like to create whitelists or further customize which messages are delivered to your inbox, you may use the Gmail mail filter tool. Visit the Gmail Help Center for more information about managing spam.

Need help?

If you need help with spam or mail filters, or encounter problems with mail delivery, please contact the IT Services Assistance Center.

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