IT Services adds more ways to get help, check status

Here are the enhanced ways you can get help from IT Services. These links appear throughout the IT Services website under the headings Need help? or Send feedback.

Request support
You can always call us at 501.916.3011. However, there are times when a phone call is inconvenient, so now you may report your issue directly into our support system.
Ask a question
Sometimes you aren’t reporting a problem, you just have a question or need a new account or service. Now, you can start the process yourself.
Check incident status
If you have contacted us before, you likely received mail messages with incident updates from our support system. You will continue to receive those notifications, but now you can log in and check the status yourself for any open requests or incident reports.
Send feedback
Your satisfaction is our priority. Even if you don’t need our help, we still want to hear from you! Please do not hesitate to let us know what we can improve.
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