Change Approval Board Meeting June 11, 2014 @ 2:00PM

Approximately one year ago, the IT Services department adopted the change management element of the ITIL® service management framework to improve its service quality.

A Change Approval Board — or ‘CAB’ — was formed so that all non-routine changes might be reviewed by an interdisciplinary team, in an effort to reduce unexpected outcomes.  Changes proposed to the board might include, for example a new form in Banner, a network configuration change, or upgrading server hardware.

Altogether, the highlights of our change management process are that:

  • We do not implement changes willy-nilly, but each change is carefully considered prior to implementation, in a defined forum, and following a specific process.
  • This process is to reduce defects / unexpected outcomes, which would otherwise adversely affect University stakeholders.
  • Proposed changes must be unanimously approved by the CAB in order to be implemented.
  • Once approved, changes are implemented in defined change windows, depending on quantified risk.
  • Everyone is welcome to watch and / or participate in the change management process, to question proposed changes, including ‘how’ and ‘when’ changes might be implemented.

With all of the above being said, as part of the new IT Services department commitment to transparency, and in an effort for any / all University stakeholders to be represented in change discussions, we’d like to extend an invitation to the campus to attend our weekly CAB meetings.

While the location for CAB meetings does sometimes change, our next CAB meeting will be held Wednesday June 11 at 2:00PM in the SGA conference room 201T, which is located on the 2nd floor of the DSC.  Meetings are usually between one and two hoursNo RSVP is required.

For further assistance, please contact the IT Services Assistance Center at (501) 916-3011.

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