New wireless log-in experience begins today

The new wireless log-in experience on the UALR main campus is here!

Beginning today, two new wireless network IDs (UALR-WiFi & UALR-IoT) will be enabled for UALR main campus use. UALR-WiFi is designed for laptops and computing devices that understand 802.1x protocols.  UALR-IoT is designed for Internet of Things (IoT) type devices such as game devices, multimedia streaming devices, and other technologies that don’t support 802.1x, or have limited capabilities such as no web browser.

Major Benefits

  • Log-in once and stay connected to the wireless network
  • Register a broader range of wireless devices that previously could not be added to the network
  • Connect unlimited number of devices and enable communication between them

To take full advantage of the enhanced connectivity you first need to follow instructions to set up your devices.  The easy to follow How-to-Articles will walk you through the one-time configuration for each device and allow you to immediately enjoy the above connectivity benefits.

We are pleased to provide a higher quality wireless log-in procedure that will aid the entire UALR main campus community.

You may continue using the existing UALR wireless network if you choose, with no action required at this time. The existing UALR network will remain accessible to users for now but we plan to phase it out after helping everyone transition to the new networks.

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