Inbox by Gmail coming to UA Little Rock

Google has developed a new way to view your mailbox called Inbox by Gmail. On Friday, June 23, 2017, this new, alternative service will be available for all email users at UA Little Rock. You may choose to use Inbox, continue to use the traditional Gmail interface, or switch between both as desired.

What is Inbox by Gmail?

Inbox by Gmail helps you to keep track of everything you want to do in one place: your inbox. Organize emails, remove clutter, and set up reminders for important tasks. View photos and updates on your travel plans at a glance.

Inbox was built by the Gmail team to give you a new way to stay organized and get back to what matters. Everything from Gmail (your emails, contacts, and labels) is available in Inbox. Gmail and Inbox stay in sync so what you do in one app carries over to the other. Gmail and Inbox have many of the same features, but there are differences. Some users will prefer Inbox and some will prefer Gmail. You can always switch back and forth between Gmail and Inbox if you want to.

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Need help?

If you have any questions or concerns about using Inbox by Gmail with your UA Little Rock Google account, contact IT Services for assistance.

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