Kaspersky Antivirus usage at UA Little Rock

Update: September 14, 2017

On September 13, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) released a Binding Operational Directive (BOD) instructing the Federal Executive Branch departments and agencies to take actions related to the use or presence of information security products, solutions, and services supplied directly or indirectly by AO Kaspersky Lab or related entities.

Although the directive is for Federal Executive Branch departments, UA Little Rock is investigating all of the options and working on a plan to be prepared for a possible replacement.



UA Little Rock IT Services is aware of the news and rumors being circulated in the media about Moscow-based cyber security giant Kaspersky Lab and its suspected ties to Russian intelligence.

We are monitoring news sources very closely with regard to evaluating any potential risk in UA Little Rock’s continued use of the Kaspersky antivirus and internet security software. These reports have been public information for several years.  

However, to date we have not received any detailed information that would cause us to discontinue usage of Kaspersky products. More significantly, neither the Federal Government nor FBI has made a decision about banning Kaspersky products.

Kaspersky is one of the major vendors in cyber security. Industry analysts like Gartner and Forrester are writing very positive reports about both the company and its products.

UA Little Rock IT Services is not planning to replace the current solution immediately, based on the rumors. However, we are developing alternative plans for a replacement if we receive a clear decision to ban the product and will be ready to implement our plans in a very short period of time if necessary.

UA Little Rock IT Services is committed to using our resources, tools and technologies more effectively and efficiently to provide a safe and secure environment for everyone in our community.

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