Important Information Regarding Wireless Access

At 3:00 a.m. Friday November 17, 2017 ITS implemented a high-availability wireless authentication system to support the upcoming campus-wide network upgrade.  This technology is designed to improve resiliency and increase capacity on the wireless network.

One minor inconvenience this update causes is that users are prompted to accept a new Security Certificate.  In this situation, it is OK for users to accept this new Security Certificate.

Early tests have shown devices behave differently:

  • Apple IOS and Mac OS will prompt users with a warning message to “Continue” and accept the new certificate.
  • Windows 10 devices appear to simply require a user to select the UALR-WiFi network.
  • Windows 7 devices prompt users to accept the new security certificate and in some cases, users are prompted for a username and password.
  • Android devices appear to accept the change in security certificate without any user intervention.

NOTE:  iPhones may need to be restarted.

If ever in doubt, or if you run into strange behavior, the best approach would be to remove the wireless profile and simply recreate it.  This would be similar to how users are advised to recreate the wireless profile after a password change.

If you have any questions, the ITS Assistance Center would be happy to help, they can be reached at 916-3011.

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