Reports of AT&T Internet Customers unable to access campus IT resources

UPDATE:  As of approximately 2:30 p.m., 1/24/18, IT Services received information that the AT&T issue has been resolved and AT&T U-Verse customers are now able to connect to the various resources that were unreachable earlier today.  If you continue to experience problems related to this AT&T issue, please report them to the IT Assistance Center at or 501-916-3011.

Original report below:

IT Services has started to receive feedback this afternoon that the AT&T U-Verse connectivity issue, first reported last evening and subsequently resolved by AT&T, has returned.  We’re unsure of the scope of the problem at the moment, but users of AT&T U-Verse are reporting various connectivity issues to multiple sites, including UA Little Rock.

IT Services has escalated it once again to our ISP (internet service provider) and asked them to urgently work with their upstream providers to help AT&T resolve the wide-spread issue.

An update will be posted once we receive additional information.


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